Public speaking is never easy.
But it can be easier.

Most people dread public speaking. Whether it's in front of 3 people or 3,000, talking in front of others is routinely at the top of people's "no way in hell" list.

But public speaking doesn't have to be terrifying. With clear expectations, a solid plan, and some preparation, anyone can get up and deliver a compelling presentation—on stage or virtually.

Speak Easier is your guide to what to do before, during, and after any public speaking engagement, from someone who's been there before.

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Here's a bit of what you'll learn:

Colorful illustration of slide outlining using stylized POST-IT notes. Preparation

Figure out what needs to happen before you start speaking in front of others.

Learn what questions to ask organizers, how to create slides and source content, and what makes for a good rehearsal.

A sample page from Speak Easier
Colorful illustration of pants pockets holding a mic batter pack. Presentation

From travel to a venue to what to do on stage when something goes wrong.

Learn what to pack, what to wear, how to navigate questions on stage, and (most importantly) how to get over your nerves fast.

A sample page from Speak Easier
Colorful illustration of a woman wearing a hijab at the center of an abstract network. Follow Up

Get the most out of your speaking engagement by engaging your audience after you get off stage (or stop sharing your screen).

Learn how to thank your hosts, collect feedback, and network.

A sample page from Speak Easier

Who wrote Speak Easier?

The author Jason Rodriguez Photo by Dan Moen.

Me, Jason Rodriguez. I'm a writer, designer, marketer, and—yes—public speaker. Over the last decade, I've spoken at conferences around the world, local meetups, and in more webinars and Zoom calls than I can count. I've also organized events attended by thousands of professionals and coached speakers old and new.

I've had to overcome my own fear of public speaking along with more mistakes on stage than I'd care to admit. I believe that, with a little preparation (and a healthy dose of courage), anyone can quiet their nerves and speak in front of others.

I wrote Speak Easier to help people share their ideas confidently.

Learn more about me.